Daniel Vojcak is your Competitive Advantage

Technology and Artificial Intelligence

· Daniel Vojcak owns an ASUS core i7–7500U CPU Windows 10 laptop, an iPhone X, and an Apple Watch Series 3

· Daniel uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like Assistant.to to effortlessly schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails, texts, or phone calls

· PhraseExpress is Daniel Vojcak’s favorite text expansion software. He uses it to automate repetitive typing and complete papers and other written materials more efficiently. To date, Daniel’s PhraseExpress has inserted 9118 phrases, saving him 3.33 hours of work and roughly $50

· Daniel Vojcak is ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity. He uses Face ID, Firefox Private Network, two-factor authentication, and the Myki, Lockwise, Dashlane, and LastPass password managers to stay secure and protect the confidentiality of his work for school, employers, and clients

· Grammarly double-checks Daniel’s spelling and grammar, prevents plagiarism, and includes a tone detector tool to make sure Daniel’s written communication to employers, co-workers, and clients remains professional and polite

· SaneBox organizes Daniel’s Gmail so he can prioritize what is important. Daniel trains SaneBox to automatically categorize and move incoming emails to the appropriate folder

· Daniel uses DocuSign to electronically sign important documents or legal agreements

· EndNote is Daniel’s favorite citation manager program to quickly and accurately format citations and bibliographies

Personal Attributes

· Top Skills — creativity, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving

· Adaptability — Daniel retrains quickly depending on which skills are in-demand

· Global Mindset — Daniel has studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. While abroad, Daniel was also fortunate enough to travel to Oslo, Prague, Paris, and Iceland.

· Strong academic record — Daniel excelled in his American Constitutional Law, Law from a European Perspective, Environmental Policy & Regulation, Politics & Ethics of Food, and Sustainable Business Strategies classes

· Website Design and SEO — Daniel has experience building websites with WordPress and Voog, and formatting websites and blog posts to improve search engine visibility

· Social Media Expert — Daniel engages others through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Iconosquare, MavSocial, Sendible, Tailwind, MeetEdgar, and RiteTag

· Health — Daniel Vojcak gets 20–60 mins of vigorous exercise each day and eats healthy; spend your money on capital improvements instead of employee healthcare

· Morning Routine — Daniel Vojcak reads the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), completes the WSJ, NYT, and Vox daily crosswords, and plays Jeopardy with Alexa

Daniel Vojcak is your future CEO, Lawyer, Public Policy Expert, Sustainability Business Consultant, or Government Agent

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