Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I last published a post on Medium, so I decided to go ahead and provide a winter update regarding what I’ve been up to. First, I recently graduated magna cum laude from St. Olaf College with a political science major and environmental studies concentration. I am excited to explore work and graduate school opportunities. After graduating, I took a little time to study for and take the GRE. Once I finished tackling the GRE, I focused on applying to graduate school programs and job opportunities. It is such a feeling of relief (and some anxiety) once I submitted my graduate school applications, but at least I can rest easy knowing it’s no longer in my hands. Now, I can only hope that my genuine self comes across through my resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and transcript and that admissions officers will see the value I can bring.

Since I am not currently working, you’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to. Each morning I read the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Financial Times (FT) newspapers. I also check the latest business and startup companies on TechCrunch, Crunchbase, Product Hunt, PitchBook, and CB Insights. I’ve also taken this opportunity to catch up on my reading list and check out a plethora of books from the 95th street library in Naperville. Finally, I also read the monthly issues of Wired and Scientific American. I take every opportunity to improve myself and increase my knowledge so I have more I can contribute to the world. Thanks for reading my winter update, and I wish everyone happy holidays.

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